Super easy Python Stock price forecasting (using ensemble voting) Machine learning

1. tool installation

$ pip install scikit-learn pandas_datareader rgf-python xgboost

2. file creation

3. execution

$ python

4. result

As a result of calculation with the same data and features, MLP are the best among XGBoost, DNN, LSTM, GRU, RNN, LogisticRegression, k-nearest neighbor, RandomForest, BernoulliNB, SVM, RGF, MLP, Bagging, Voting, Stacking.

XGBoost            0.5119047619047619
DNN 0.5496031746031746
LSTM 0.5178571428571429
GRU 0.5138888888888888
RNN 0.5376984126984127
LogisticRegression 0.5496031746031746
k-nearest neighbor 0.5198412698412699
RandomForest 0.49603174603174605
BernoulliNB 0.5496031746031746
SVM 0.5396825396825397
RGF 0.5158730158730159
MLP 0.5694444444444444
Bagging 0.5297619047619048
Voting 0.5416666666666666
Stacking 0.5218253968253969

5. reference




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